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What A Proper Environmental Site Assessment Entails

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Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is the evaluation of the environmental liability of putting up a real estate asset. More specifically, it’s the process or tool an environmental company can use for conducting all of the appropriate inquiries into the present and past uses of a property, in order to establish whether the property has been impacted by certain environmental conditions.

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ESAs play an integral role whether it’s during the purchase of a new property, an acquisition or merger of a company, or even as a method of proactive management of environmental risk at existing properties. When conducted properly, ESAs could potentially save thousands of dollars, if not millions for companies in liability or future problems by identifying environmental contamination before they affect third parties.

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The ESA process entails a review of the historical records pertaining to the property, a site inspection, and a research of the records on the property available at government agencies. The information is then detailed and evaluated in a Phase I ESA Report, which includes an opinion on whether past or present activities might have released any petroleum products or other hazardous substances on the property.