Environmental Consulting & Site Assessment Services

Why Environmental Services Are an Essential Aspect of the Modern Business World

phase i and ii environmental site assessments

When it comes to operating a company or owning commercial property, one of the things that you must take into consideration is the environmental services aspect of everything. This is one of the things that will become problematic quickly if not handled well. While you might be experienced at keeping your home clean, commercial services have different requirements mandated by law. Additionally, there are time considerations that you have as owner that will restrict what you have to contribute to the proper cleaning that must be done for your company.

The environmental services that you need for your business will depend on several factors, including the type of company that you are operating. For instance, if your company handles any types of chemicals or weaponry, there will be considerably different things that are necessary in order to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

On the other hand, if you are in charge of a commercial operation that depends on the internet for the majority of communications and that has no inventory on site, you will have minimal needs when compared to them. This is just one of the factors involved with hiring an environmental services team to help keep your property up to par.

The first step in hiring a company is to determine exactly what it is that you are in need of. Do you want someone on site to handle things once per week or more often? How many people will be needed to take care of your needs? Are your hours of operation going to impact the best time for the service members to show up to your commercial site?

If your business involves chemicals of any type, you will need to be sure that everyone who will be exposed to them knows the appropriate safety protocol for keeping people and property safe. Likewise, if you have government contracts or other highly classified or sensitive data, you might need to hire a team that has additional security protocols in their hiring processes to ensure that you meet the legal standards for protecting the valuable data.

phase i and ii environmental site assessments

What Is Environmental Consulting

Environmental consulting is a field that encompasses different services and activities. Think of environmental consulting as a service you can use to make your organization more eco-friendly and to comply with regulations related to environmental issues. Environmental consultants can have different backgrounds and areas of specialization. Environmental consulting is a rapidly growing field as more regulations are passed and as more companies make conscious efforts to reduce their environmental footprint.

Who Needs Environmental Consulting Services?

Any organization that is concerned with its impact on the environment can benefit from using the services of an environmental consultant. Commercial real estate, construction and similar industries rely on environmental consulting in order to conduct risk assessments and to develop relevant strategies in case of land contamination and other similar issues. Environmental consultants also work with clients who need help with complying with regulations concerning environmental issues.

What Kind Of Background Do Environmental Consultants Typically Have?

You will have that environmental consultants have diverse backgrounds. Environmental consulting is rarely their first career and these experts usually have a background in another field like law, engineering or even construction. Environmental consultants usually have a degree in a scientific field such as Environmental Studies. The experts who deal with ground contamination issues often have degrees in Geology. Because environmental consulting encompasses a wide range of issues, it is best to hire a professional who specializes in a specific area or who has experience with similar cases.

Compliance Issues

Organizations need to keep up with the regulations that apply to them. Governments are becoming more aware of environmental issues and passing new regulations in an effort to protect the environment. Keeping up with these changes can be difficult since it requires organizations to fully understand new regulations and to make some changes to some of their processes. An environmental consultant can help an organization implement a relevant plan to become compliant and to exceed compliance requirements in order to reduce the organization’s environmental footprint. This can for instance include reducing a company’s carbon footprint.

Contaminated Lands And Risk Assessments

This is one of the most common reasons why companies reach out to environmental consultants. An expert can determine whether or not a land is contaminated, the level of contamination and present some strategies for cleaning up the land and from preventing nearby areas from being contaminated as well. This is a service that is often used before purchasing real estate or before beginning construction. Environmental consultants can also provide risk assessment services. These services usually include assessing the risks of flood, fire or contamination for a real estate property.

Energy And Construction

A company can hire a geotechnical expert to get help with designing a foundation adapted to a challenging terrain. The geotechnical expert might also recommend some strategies to make the terrain more stable before the construction process can begin. An environmental consultant can play an important part in the design and construction process of a building that needs to meet certain requirements, for instance to obtain a LEED certification. They can for instance conduct renewable energy study to recommend the best clean energy solution for a self-sufficient building.

ISO 14001 And Green Labels

Companies need to comply with the ISO 14001 guidelines. This requires organizations to develop a set of best practices and to make a few changes to comply. An ISO 14001 specialist can help develop a plan that a company can follow to comply or can assess whether or not a company is currently complying. Environmental consultants can also help brands that want to use green labels for their products. A consultant can for instance recommend the best label to use or help the brand develop a compliant production process to be able to use a specific green label.

Dangerous Substances

Substances like asbestos, radon or lead are still found in old buildings. An environmental consultant can inspect an old building and recommend some cleanup strategies. They can assess what needs to be removed and assist with properly disposing of these dangerous substances.

Calculate Environmental Costs

More companies are becoming aware of their environmental footprint and are making conscious efforts to reduce it. There are environmental consultants that specialize in conducting audits to determine the environmental cost of a company and to make recommendations. These consultants can for instance help a company find eco-friendly ways to make their products, help develop a recycling program or reduce the amount of energy used.

Environmental consulting is a fascinating field. There are plenty of career opportunities and an excellent job outlook for the future. Think about using the service of an environmental consultant if your organization needs help with compliances or simply wants to reduce its environmental footprint. Look for a professional who specializes in the area you need help with since there are many different aspects to environmental consulting.

Information On Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment

level 1 environmental assessment

Environmental site assessments are completed based on established legal guidelines and come in phases (1 and 2). These are divided based on those guidelines that were managed by legal and environmental experts.

For those who are looking to get these assessments done and are now contemplating phase 1, it’s important to note what this phase will entail and how it’s going to impact progression into Phase 2.

Here is a deeper look into this subject with the help of established expertise on the topic.

1) History of Site

The starting point begins with the site’s history. This means what has been done on the site beforehand and what’s being done right now. Plus, the goal of “Phase 1” is to check how this history has an impact on the site’s future. The specialist will use experience on the matter to determine whether or not this is going to affect the site’s health.

It is essential to use this as a starting point as the history of the site is a must.

2) Professional Assessment By Environmental Specialist

The next step in Phase 1 will be to look at getting an environmental specialist to determine how the site is. They will go through the nuances of the site and use their checklist to assess how the site has been used. The inspection will be accompanied with a specialist from the area.

They are going to go through the site to make sure it is up to par, and they will look to speak to a person that is related to the site itself. The person will be asked to be there at the time of the ongoing inspection.

3) Review Of Related Environmental Files

Once the inspection has been completed, the specialist is going to be looking at the environmental files. This is a major step because all files have to be up-to-date according to federal regulations. If not, the law has been broken, and this has to be changed immediately.

The environmental files will be assessed for accuracy along with how relevant the information is based on the inspection. The goal is to make sure every bit of information is based on what regulatory agencies require. This is why Phase 1 is an essential component of the assessment.

4) Preparation of New Report On Potential Contamination

The next step moves onto looking at preparing a new report on the site. The inspection will have yielded results on what is going on and what has to be considered. This will help move things along and ensure the report provides a deeper look into how the site has to adapt.

This report is going to be created by a specialist, and the goal is to provide insight on contamination along with what has to be done. The report is also going to point out potential weak spots on the site that have to be considered. This has to be taken into account while changes are made.

5) Determine Need For Further Investigation

The final step of Phase 1 is to start pinpointing what this phase has yielded. Is it negative when it comes to how the site is setup as it is? Are there additional changes that have to be made before it is ready to go for future development or is it okay right now?

This is something the site owner will want to recognize and hear about.

The specialist will be able to go through the details in their new report while assessing whether there is a need for further investigation. With a detailed investigation, they use robust samples from the soil to see how the site is doing underneath.

6) Prep For Phase 2

The last step involves preparing for Phase 2 as this is going to include a deeper look into the site. The specialist will know the regulations and will shed light on them as soon as they are done creating their report. Phase 2 is also going to include the contamination investigation they might desire.

It is important to have Phase 1 completed properly, so the right changes are made, and everything is ready to go for Phase 2. This is a critical component and provides preparatory work for the future assessment.

Look at Phase 1 as a stepping stone for the site and its future. Without this, the site is not going to grow, and it will continue to struggle well into the future. With the tightening of legal regulations on the matter, it has become important to go into detail with each phase.

Those who are not doing this will be risking the viability of their site and the legality of it too. Look into this and make sure the right decision is being made. This will help with all future decisions.

The Importance Of Working With An Environmental Company

environmental management program

There has been a huge rise in awareness regarding the importance of the environment in the society. This is the reason many consumers these days prefer businesses that are environmentally conscious. Being environmentally conscious is not only great for the environment and for attracting customers but it also saves a lot of money in the long run. One of the ways to make sure your business is environmentally conscious is by hiring the services of an environmental company.

An environmental company or an environmental consulting firm is usually hired to ensure that a business maintains compliance with strict environmental regulations. There are hundreds of environmental companies that work on a wide variety of tasks. The service offered by environmental consultants are applicable in various industries including construction services, agriculture, manufacturing as well as various other kinds of industries. The primary job of an environmental company is to make sure that their client complies with the strict environmental regulations without any unnecessary burden on the bottom line.

The environmental companies not only assess a particular site from an environmental point of view but they also offer services for remediation of sites with contamination problems. In addition, they also offer environmental strategies for continuous normal operations.

In most cases, these companies have multidisciplinary staff including environmental engineers, chemists, geologists, environmental scientists as well as various other individuals with scientific backgrounds. Big consulting firms usually also have a laboratory where they can easily conduct analysis of various samples. Companies that offer remediation services also have remediation contractors.

These days, it is essential for a new business to get environmental evaluation done before they can begin working on a new commercial development. This is due to the increased focus on environmental concerns. Therefore, a business wants to be aware of any potential contamination issues at the site before they begin working on the site as remediation costs can be extremely high. Usually, such analysis is carried out to make sure there is absolutely no chance of any contamination such as groundwater contamination from pesticides or other kinds of contamination in buildings due to mold, lead or asbestos among other things.


The first step of an environmental study is called the environmental site assessment Phase 1.

top environmental consulting firms

In this process, the consultants collect information on previous businesses that have been conducted on that site including the permits received for that particular site as well as any obvious signs of contamination in buildings and surrounding land. This process also includes assessment of air quality, nearby properties, topography of the site as well as drainage issues. In case any issues are discovered during the first step of the assessment, further assessment may be required by the developer. In this step, actual residue sampling as well as groundwater and soil testing is done.

In case the samples show signs of contamination, the phase 3 of the environmental site assessment is started for planning and organizing the remediation efforts for the property. Environmental companies are usually retained for managing the completion of the remediation project. It is also important to mention here that remediation projects often take years to complete and a large number of samples may be needed to ensure that a significant amount of the polluted material has been removed from the site.

phase i and ii environmental site assessments

The environmental consultants are also trained to give advice on various other potentially hazardous issues such as handling of hazardous materials, management of underground storage tanks, shipping issues as well as spill prevention plans. These companies also offer their services to businesses for developing green structures to decrease the carbon footprint of the business. As mentioned in the beginning, many environmental companies also offer services that can help businesses reduce energy consumption.

As far as finding an environmental consulting firm is concerned, there are several things you need to consider in order to choose the right company for your needs. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of such firms offering a variety of services but there are important considerations you need to keep in mind before you hire a company.

Overall, being environmentally conscious is not only good for the environment and your health but also for your business. Consumers these days prefer doing business with companies that are environmentally conscious and green. So, hire a good environmental company using the tips mentioned above to make your business more environmentally friendly.

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